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What's so special about Credit Unions?
The Credit Union idea was born in 1849 when the mayor of a small village in Germany wanted to help his people recover from physical and financial devastation caused by the Napoleonic wars.

The United States saw its first Credit Union in 1909 - based on the principals of pooled savings and low interest loans.  Today, there are over 11,000 Federal Credit Unions with membership growing rapidly.

Unlike other financial institutions, Credit Unions are owned and run by its Members.  Members make up the Board of Directors, who manage and elect the officers to handle the business and operations of the Credit Union.  Members make up the Credit Committee which decides on loans that are made.  Members make up the Supervisory Committee which makes sure that the Credit Union is run correctly.  Our members are joined together by a common bond and we will serve only our members.

This is why it's the members at Southern Teachers & Parents FCU who make the Credit Union special.

Who is eligible for membership?
Employees or Alumni of Southern University, East Baton Rouge and West Feliciana Parish PTA, School teachers and employees of West Feliciana Parish, Lafourche Parish and Assumption Parish School Systems, Skills or Prestige Home Healthcare, Employees of Coleridge Franklin M.D., Betr-Care Inc., Lafourche Parish Juvenile Justice Facility, Employees of Home-Care PCA, all employees of the city of Thibodaux.

Baton Roughe Churches: Mt. Pilgrim Baptist, Greater Kind David Baptist, Camphor Memorial United Methodist, greater Beach Grove Baptist, Immaculate Conception Catholic, Bethel AME, New Jerusalem Baptist.

Thibodaux Churches: Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Allen Chapel A.M.E., Moses Baptist, St. Luke Catholic, New Morning Star Baptist, Houma Assembly of the Body of Christ.

Raceland Churches:  Bell Baptist.

Your family benefits too!
Your own family is part of our credit union family as well, and can become members too.

Family members include:

  • Your spouse and children
  • Your parents, brothers and sisters
  • Your stepchildren and stepparents
  • Your grandchildren, grandparents and their spouses
  • All members of your household (that is those persons living under your roof).

When your family members join ST&P, they immediately become eligible for the same great benefits you've come to enjoy:  low interest-rate loans, higher returns on savings, low or no service fees, personalized service, federally insured savings, and ownership in ST&P.

Minimum share balance required to open an account is $5, plus a $1 lifetime membership fee.  Print an application and join today!

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